Secure Our Future — $20 Paypal Recurring Payments

Following an email I just sent out to the familab-discuss list;

We are finally incorporated, as a NFP, we have a bank account, and a business Paypal account which can accept recurring payments.

I know most of you scoffed at me when I suggested recurring payments of $50 a month, but we have a small surplus right now, and we’re thinking about taking a risk. ‘The board’ talked it over, and we are ready to put up a compromise.

If we can get 20 people to sign for with $20/mo recurring payments with Paypal by the end of December, we will officially lower dues to $20/mo for everybody. That's right, $20 dues for everybody.

So, head on over to the Dues Page and sign up for the $20 recurring billing, and help secure our future!

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