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Wouldn’t it be great if we could each shed a couple of inches off our waist without having to diet or exercise?  For years, millions of Americans have tried pills, injections, “natural” herbs, and even berries that are supposed to help us shed pounds.  Unfortunately, these usually don’t work. Read more about alpine ice hack.

The latest magical way to lose weight is infrared light, also known as “red light therapy” or “low light therapy”

Infrared therapy is also suggested for pain management, jaundice, eczema, wrinkles, scars, improved blood circulation, and to help wound and burns heal faster. That doesn’t mean it actually works for any of those things. But in this article, we’re focusing on whether it works to help you look thinner. This is how prostadine works.

Light therapy uses near infrared light, usually from lasers, lamps, or tanning bed-like devices. The patient is told to either lie down or sit in front of the light for a specific amount of time on a regular basis (usually once a day). One popular device is the infrared body wrap, consisting of large silicone bandages or pads that emit infrared light around the legs, torso and arms. In addition, patients are told that red light therapy is supposed to improve the appearance of cellulite and help shape the body. 

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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is little scientific evidence supporting the claims that infrared light, whether administered by lamp, laser or while in a body wrap, can help people lose weight or shape their body. Nevertheless, in 2010, the FDA cleared a laser called Zerona, manufactured by Erchonia Medical Inc., which uses red light therapy to remove “unwanted” fat without surgical procedures. This device is not approved by the FDA – it is “cleared for market”, which is a different process that does not require that a device be proven safe or effective.  Since 2010, several devices using the same technology have been cleared for marketing in the U.S. Try out cortexi.

Light therapy has been tested in clinical trials of patients, but these studies were not as scientific as they would need to be to prf00bardmackove safety or effectiveness. Most studies have few patients who have very similar demographics. Since the patients and clinicians know that the patient is being treated, and in most studies the patients getting treatment weren’t compared to patients getting a different treatment, this could result in a type of “placebo effect.” The placebo effect is when patients believe in a treatment and for that reason it seems to help even if the treatment isn’t actually effective. Also, the companies that make the light therapy devices provided funding to conduct the studies, which can result in overly optimistic results. These are the best instant arousal pills.

Despite all these substantial shortcomings, the studies showed only a small benefit from the light therapy.  So, even if the treatment has some benefit, which is doubtful, the benefit may not be substantial enough to be worth the time and money for the treatment.

In addition, all of the studies were short – none were more than 4 months long, and none followed up with the patients for more than a few weeks after treatment. So, we cannot know how long even small changes might last or what might happen if patients continued the treatment for years.

Understanding Phentermine and Its Limitations

Phentermine is a prescription medication that acts as an appetite suppressant. It works by stimulating the release of certain chemicals in the brain, reducing hunger cravings and promoting a feeling of fullness. While Phentermine has shown promising results in weight loss, it is not suitable for everyone. It can lead to side effects like insomnia, dry mouth, and increased blood pressure, making it unsuitable for those with certain medical conditions.

The Search for Natural Alternatives

Due to the limitations and potential risks associated with Phentermine, many individuals are turning to natural alternatives to aid in their weight loss journey. These alternatives are often derived from plant-based ingredients and offer a safer and more sustainable approach to weight management.

And what about the risks? Almost all of the studies did not provide any information about potential side effects of the therapy. However, one study done in Poland looked at the effects of LLLT used in close contact with the skin.  They found that patients developed skin ulcers as a result of certain types of lasers. 3

What exactly do the studies show?

A study funded by Erchonia (the company that makes Zerona) included 54 overweight or obese patients.4 Most of the patients were Caucasian men which is odd, since most weight loss patients are women. The patients were treated weekly for 6 weeks. The study found a significant reduction in the combined circumference of hips, waist, thighs, and upper abdomen by 13 cm (about 5 inches) after 6 weeks. Two weeks after the final treatment, patients lost another 2 cm (about 0.8 inches). However, patients knew that they were getting this treatment and may have changed their diet or exercise in an effort to succeed. These patients were not compared to a control group, so we can’t tell how much patients would have changed without the treatment. Also, patients were only studied for two weeks after their last treatment, so we do know how long this reduction lasted.

Whether or not infrared therapy is effective on its own, some scientists are studying whether it can potentially boost the benefits of exercise. To do this, they study obese patients all of whom are in an exercise program. Half the patients also get light therapy and the other half don’t. Results in these studies show us that it is possible that infrared therapy boosts the effect of exercise on weight loss. However, the studies were not well designed so it is impossible to know.

 A study in Brazil tested whether LLLT and aerobic exercise could reduce the chances of obese women developing heart disease.5 It was a well-designed study: 62 women were given an exercise regimen and randomly assigned to either be exposed to LLLT or a placebo for 4 months. LLLT increased the effectiveness of aerobic exercise to improve the women’s heart health. The scientists reported that LLLT reduced the abdominal fat and the women’s total body fat as measured by waist circumference and other measures. However, the study did not follow the women after their 4 months of treatment, so we don’t know how long the effect lasted.

Another device using Water Filtered Infrared Radiation (known as wIRA) is currently being studied to see if it helps patients lose weight.6 In this study, all 40 patients engaged in aerobic exercise 3 times a week for 4 weeks, with some patients also treated with wIRA while exercising. Although they were able to show a statistical difference in weight loss between the two groups (p<0.001), there were so few people in the study to be certain, and not enough information about any benefits lasting more than 4 weeks.

The uses of wIRA are currently being studied for a variety of medical conditions.7,8 However, there are currently not enough studies to conclude how effective it is for weight loss.

Research is very sedentary work that can expose you to obesity that you never thought you would have.
Moreover, it is likely that you are reading this and you feel identified.

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Understanding Alpilean: What is it?

Alpilean is a natural supplement formulated to support various aspects of health. Marketed as an all-in-one solution, it claims to enhance physical and mental well-being. The supplement’s primary focus lies in improving cognitive function, promoting relaxation, and bolstering the body’s natural defense systems.

The Science Behind Alpilean

The success of any supplement lies in its scientific foundation. Alpilean incorporates a blend of carefully selected natural ingredients that have shown potential benefits in studies. Key components like Ginseng, Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola are believed to boost cognitive abilities, reduce stress, and provide sustainable energy.

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