DC407 Friday Awesome 8/27

I made awesome flyers for the DefCon407 meeting we held at CloudSpace but I never handed them out to anyone. I gave some to people to hand out at SCC and Valencia, but psh those people never came. We did get some of TC’s awesome yellow FAMiLab Laser flyers passed out.

Long Story Short, the event was a blast and we are awesome. The f00bard has some photos, but we should mask faces with laughing men for those who’s identities have not be released to public. (and fyi, FaceMan is now property of the state so we don’t have to cover him up at all)

Text files, as promised:


2 thoughts on “DC407 Friday Awesome 8/27

  • the_f1nn

    Sorry I missed the shindig.
    Props to Tetsu for the awesome wep cracking tutorial, I’ve already printed it out
    and put in my grimoire (high praise, I guess). Haven’t checked out the rest but I’m sure that
    they’re great. The text files take me back to the days when that was about all our modems
    could push around with any kind of ease (even at 9600 a sierra game took about 12 hours.

    I hope that they become a staple of our monthly meetings as they pretty much guarantee
    posterity of information. I was about to site the temple of the screaming electron as an example only to discover that it sadly has gone the way of.. well, it’s dead.
    I’m sure a mirror exists somewhere.

    See you kids on Tuesday.

  • i have an owl mask, just call me TC, lol.
    i had a good time, thanks.

    P.S. expect to see me often


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