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This page is for potential instructors to put forth an idea for a workshop or class. Feel free to create a dedicated page if necessary!

If you're wondering what the steps are to hold a class, check out How_to:_Classes,_Workshops_and_Events.

Scheduled classes are on our Public Classes and Events page.


Unity (3D Engine) class

Intro to Arduino

Advanced Arduino

Arduino + i2c

Intro to FamiLAB

Tracy started thinking about how to structure this class and determined that without a clear idea of the mission (and whatever policies or rules get written as a by-product of the mission), it's hard to make a lot of headway on this. Once the mission workshop happens it will be easier.

How to Teach a Class class

This class will most likely be held on a weekend afternoon and will run about two hours total -- one hour of organized instruction followed by an hour of open lab where you can work on a lesson plan and get feedback.

You will get the most benefit from this class if you come with an idea in mind of what class you would like to teach. We'll use your ideas as our working examples.

We'll talk about how to create instructional objectives expressed in terms of what the successful student will know or be able to do at the conclusion of the class, which is arguably the single most important concept in all of education and the one that non-teachers do poorly or not at all.

We'll talk about how "props and sets" affect learning and what you can do about it.

You'll get a lesson plan template that will greatly increase your chances of having and doing everything necessary for a successful class.

After the hour of "structured" instruction, we'll have an hour of open lab where you'll complete a lesson plan template for your own class and get as much feedback as you need.

The only materials needed or provided are a few pieces of paper, so there won't be a charge for the class. Students will want to bring along their own note paper and a pen or pencil. Tablet computers will be permitted for this purpose, but please leave your laptops in the other room so we can all see each other without looking over the wall of a screen.

Developing a Mission Statement

I am envisioning this not so much as a class (although I could teach a class on mission-building for other purposes if people would find that useful), but rather as a workshop involving as many FamiLAB members as possible to build a mission for the lab in a collaborative way.

There are three important characteristics of a good mission statement:

1) It's short and easy to remember. It doesn't have to be slick or catchy, but it does need to be concise. 2) It is an outward sign of an inward grace. The words are a good match for what's actually going on in the organization. It's not just "words on a wall" -- people believe it and are doing what it says they do. 3) It is created collaboratively by everyone (or as large a percentage of everyone as is practical) in the organization. There is genuine consensus about it.

I know there is a current mission statement, and I think it means criterion #2 above. It does not meet the other two, though, and for that reason, it is worth revisiting.

It's important because it drives every decision we make as a group. It informs all of our choices, all of our plans, and the evolution of the culture of the lab. Ask the folks who have worked on proposed logos or other marketing concepts if knowing the organization's mission would make that job a hundred times easier. Consider how much shorter the conversations about whether or not to buy a particular tool, offer a particular class, or establish a policy or procedure would be if the mission, and by extension the scope, of the lab was clear and succinct.

The more we grow, the more necessary it becomes for us to know who we are as an organization. This is a critical first step.

I would urge us to do this ASAP (I need minimal prep time to be ready to do it, so I could make it happen as early as January 14) and not to make any major decisions about logo, marketing, or major purchases until after we've done it.

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