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Usually when profit-seeking entities decide they want or need something, they believe the way to acquire it is to pay for it with money and the depletion of resources, instead of thinking systemically. There are ways to design systems to be more resourceful and thrifty, as opposed to consuming. It's a trait of good design to interconnect your inputs and outputs. It's a hallmark of a Good Thing.

If we get some good/interested recumbent electric generation and storage, we will get press, might get funding, could get a lower power bill, or could sell electricity back to the grid (or our landlords or something) to pay for rent.

Forms of Energy

Energy is measured in units of Joules, Calories, foot-pound force, BTUs, horsepower, kilowatt-hours, and electron-volts. As long as you can come with an equation to relate some thing in your system so it's units wind up as Joules, you can call it recumbent energy.

Neural Networks have an Energy function that describes how volatile/stable the network is.

The beauty of recumbent energy is that, at least in physical examples, there is likely some way to transduce your waste energy into electric energy and store it for later use.


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