Minutes 9/29/09

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Meeting Minutes 29 Sep 09

8:17PM	- Meeting called to order
	- In attendence: Tetsu, Fishtank, Mack, Josh, Indy, Brian, Mike, Chesire
	- We need a gavel
	- We should have rent on the 1st, when do we get the lease?
	- Would like to find a different bank, BOA sucks
 :19	- Tetsu getting a coffee
 :22	- Chesire getting a coffee
 :26	- Tetsu busts out his 3d glasses
 :28	- Everyone staring at laptops
 :30	- Discussion of LAN party
	 	- What will we need
 :32	- Treasurer: 300 in the account now, 415 to be deposited soon
	- Space is in Seminole, 7% sales tax
		- $749 total for first month
		- Deposit? No mention made by leasing agent, will have to confirm
 :34	- Webcamglasses being passed around
 :37	- Renting the unit Oct 1st!
 :39	- The agenda:
	- Thursday: rent unit
		- Bring in couches (Tetsu, Brian)
		- Need keys ASAP, get keys that day?
	- Saturday: Indy bringing her stuff
 :41	- Moving in, what do we bring in?
		- Tetsu: whatever you can carry?
		- Brian: needs to make space in his unit, of course
 :43	- Indy bringing some chairs, futon, a giant table thing
	- Tetsu has some chairs, a large metal shelf, 2 couches, an ottoman
 :45	- Tetsu will be there from the moment he rents it through the weekend
	- Friday, Tetsu will be at the space after work
	- Saturday, meet at the space at ??  LAN party is at 4:30PM
	- Gate closes at 7PM, need key after that
 :50	- Thursday morning, sign the lease, ride permitting
		- Leasing office really only open mornings
		- Can meet up at the space after work (again, ride permitting)
		- Meet at the space after 6PM
 		- Take the morning off to sign the lease
 :54	- Need a logo!
	- Have to use property management co.'s design firm for a sign, 40-50 bucks
 :59	- Tetsu will have a car!
9:01	- Back to the LAN party!
		- Supplies:
			- Power strips
			- Switch
			- Tables
			- Big-ass cooler^W^WMinifridge
			- Projector
			- Wireless kit
9:05	- Last call for agenda
 :06	- Meeting adjourned
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