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Meeting Minutes

13 Dec 2011

Present: Mack, Aaron C., Kyle W., Ian C., Mike B., Tom L., Tony M., Dan M., Matt A., John S., Kathryn N., Mike K., Lance V., Dave C. (Hangout), David P. (Hangout), Dan L., John B. C., Mike S., Dave W.

8:10P	- Meeting called to order
	- State of the Treasury
		- Current $1235.76 (this morning)
		- 37 members, $1450/mo.
		- 8 new members
		- Soldering class last month, basically broke even.  Waiting on invoice from Dave Casey
		- Reimbusements for move: Fire Extinguisher, lights, supplies for open house night, RFID system. Total $765 for the month
		- Rent: $631 (including sales tax)
		- We’re in the new space?  Saved ~$500 in rent by moving quickly.  Thanks everyone!
		- Liability: $351 down payment, monthly $88
	- Major donations
		- Grizzly Mill, Table Saw, Monolith (reference surface) - Donated by Rick Kolosky
		- Decking - Dave Woods
		- Dock stair supplies - Ian
		- New PCs, Casters - Chris
		- Xmas tree - Ted
	- New Members
		- Dan Mapes, David Pflug, JB Zurn, Harvey Mower, John Bent Cope, Tripflex (?), Michael Bakula, Corq (?), Kathryn Neel, Dave Woods
	- Ratify: Classroom is classroom, where classroom is dedicated “clean” space, scheduleable, etc.
		- Vote: We all agree
	- Ratify: Admin room is admin room
		- Justification: Certain amount of “stuff” that floats around at member’s houses.  Documents, inventory, etc.  Need space to work.
		- Vote: Passes
	- Accept donated/leased equipment_
		- Leasing: Need to discuss further before accepting, unless there’s a wiki page for it
- Accepted: Ian’s 3d printer, see wiki page: http://familab.org/wiki/index.php?title=Pledged_Equipment#3D_Printer. We’ll accept it
- Ian’s welding gear, needs some training, we’ll tentatively accept that.
- Ian wood working gear: here temporarily.
- Aaron: 1963 coca-cola vending machine. would be leased permanently, until the lab dissolved.  Group project to digitize it w/Aaron’s approval.  26”W, 24”D, power concerns.  Vote: Accepted
- Tom’s Screen Printing equipment.  Leased permanently, wants it back if we desolve.  Needs electrical circuit, wet/dry areas, darkroom, exhaust.  Vote: Tentatively accept.
- Tony: cross slide vise, drill press.  Permanent lease.
		- Donated items:
			- Kiln: Lab can have it
			- Matt’s Powercoating equipment: will donate the gun, need to buy an oven, build a booth
			- Mill/lathe: accepted. training needed
			- Aaron: IKEA loveset.  Vote: accepted.
		- Dave Woods: full size CNC machine available for sale nearby
			- $5k
			- 1995 vintage
			- no tooling included
			- 3 phase
			- After discussion: Sounds like we’re not ready.
		- Personal work carts
			- Lockers don’t scale
			- Provides: work surface
			- Vote: No objections.
		- Moar lockers?
			- Revisit at successive meetings
		- Mike: Audio equipment
			- Can fund it with a subset of members
			- Approved
		- Discussion: Minors
			- Dan: agrees with ted’s comments on the wiki page
			- Kyle: Would like to engage them, thinks parental approval necessary
			- Mike: No under 18 members, only with parents present. Only one incident
			- Jessica: Concurs with Mike
			- Ted: Thouhts on the wiki.  Posted on the wiki that there should be a probationary period.  After discussion, agrees with Mike
			- Ian: Active in boy scouts.  They have required training.  Agrees with Mike, needs a parent/guardian.
			- John: Young Makers exists for a reason.  This is an adult organization.
			- Matt: Agree we need more outreach.  Supervised class.  Limited.
			- Dan: Done something like this with Winter Park High School at UCF.  Specified times.  Structured.  Came with their instructor.  It was awesome.
			- Lance: Specific events.  Not keyed access.  Come with parents.
			- JBC: Same as above.
			- Dave Casey: Sarasota fab lab has a form, 12-17 requires their parent/guardian.
			- Mike Bakula: Parent/guardian present. (Young Eagles, expirimental aircraft association)
			- Tom Long: Against under 18+ members.
			- Aaron: Agrees.
		- Expenses
			- Ian doesnt want to be tracked down to buy TP
			- Idea: if you arent prepared to eat the cost and not be reimbursed, don’t buy it.
			- Use Wiki to define roles
		- Logo contest
			- Table for now
			- Define contest rules, terms, etc.,
			- Post on the wall
		- Classes
			- Tom creating content for a Unity class, teaching at full sail the second week of January
			- Tom, 3d modelling, screen printing
			- Ian: Put up a block on the classes page, with date TBD, get mindshare early
			- Classroom should be ready by January
			- Dave: How do we block out times for classes?
			- Matt: Anything that doesn’t need parts ordered shouldnt be controversial, just plan it
			- Wiki page: suggested steps to do a class
			- Another wiki page: sign up to do a class
			- Classes vs. workshop - classes = formal, you will leave with these skills; workshop = less formal.
		- Membership levels
			- Current levels define “thinker” vs. “maker”
			- Now that we’re in a new space, we have the ability to segment the space into coworking vs. real shop space
			- YMCA model
			- Probationary period
			- Comes back to a poorly defined mission statement
			- For now, everyone has access to everything (except admin office)
			- There is more than money invested, time/work investment
			- Flat rate membership, make exceptions on a case basis
			- Initial class: “intro to the lab” for all new members
11:44PM	- Meeting adjourned
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