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Meeting Minutes 17JAN12

Present: Mike K., Dave W., JB Zurn, Matt A., Mike S., Mike B., Tom L., Ian C., Mack H., Chris P., Tony M., Dave C., Aaron C., Tracy L, Bill R., Zane P., John B. C., Jean O. (new member), Tim F. (new member), Les M.

8:08P	- Meeting Called to order
	- Space Update
		- Inspection went well. We have time to 
	- New members: Tim, Jean,
	- Upcoming events
		- Soldering, Arduino, Biohacking
		- Tracy: Mission Workshop
			- Lots of growth recently
			- When a group grows very quickly, difficult to keep the same culture
			- Create a mission statement which expresses who/what/why
			- Policy, rules, expectations follows from that
			- Everyone who can should attend
			- Tom: We should all watch the Golden Circle
		- Retro Arcade
	- Financial Update - Ian
		- 7 new members since last month
		- 2 automatic cancelled (out of towners)
		- More IO class, need to run 2 more times to break even
		- Intro to soldering coming up, breaks even. Intro to Arduino, too, makes money.
		- No expense reimbursements.
		- Bills paid (see financial summary)
		- Some outstanding reimbursements for class materials to Dave, Ian.
		- Dave Woods paying for electrical upgrades, which are ongoing.  Over $1K.
		- We got our first power bill: $651.22.  Dec 8th through Jan 10th.  Ouch.
			- Assuming it’s correct, we’re now running a monthly deficit.  Just in overhead (rent, insurance, utilities, etc.)
			- For the time being, conservation should be on our mind
		- Matt (Idealab): How do we get more people here? Should he (and others be talking about it?)
			- Yes, we would never keep people from evangelizing!
			- We do tours. We can always have someone meet new people.
	- Discussion: Members holding events at the lab
- Two questions:
	- Familab events
	- A member wants to hold an event at the lab, what do they do
- One time events are different than recurring events
- Anything in the shop needs to be an organized event.  Too many issues with safety and security.
- Inside, classroom etc., is another matter.  Probably OK to host an event in there.
- Reminder: page on the wiki about holding an event
- Dan working on a form on the website.
- Dan: Where do you draw the line as far as a member bringing non members?
	- Probably need a limit
		- 4
		- 1
		- 6
		- A car load?
	- If someone books a resource, that trumps non scheduled event
	- Tour vs hangout
	- Are you keeping someone else from doing something
- Agenda item: Non-Member entrance provisions - When do we let them in, how can we keep them out when necessary
- Dave: Someone showed up today and bent his ear for two hours.  Wanted to call someone.
	- Phone number on the door
		- Is it not clear how to get in touch with us?
			- A phone number would be great
		- Website navigation could use work
		- Welcome email has info
	- Policy: Keep garage door shut and locked
	- Policy? Non-members showing up outside visiting hours 
		- Dan: If someone come to the lab, adn you want to let them in, that's cool, You're responsible for them.  By the same token, if you dont want to let them in, dont.
			- John: lots of us don't feel comfortable just turning someone away
			- Mike: Would be useful to have something you could give them, so that after 5 minutes you could hand them something and not have to talk to them anymore.
			- If we dont want the public here, we need something on the door.
	- Related agenda item, light block/foyer area
		- Curtain
		- Vinyl block on windows?
		- Have to be able to see out, camera?
- DIY Book Scanner project
	- Aaron was heading that up, hasnt been able to reestablish contact
	- Quick overview
	- Mike B has one, will bring it in (not the standard one)
- Bill: Lockheed Martin Blimp Contest
	- There's an opening for a team
	- Money available for the build
	- Is there interest? yes
	- Details forthcoming
		- He will get more information
- Maker Faire!
	- Group Project
	- Power racing league
- Agenda Item: Accepting donations, etc.
	- We still have stuff from Day 1
	- We need to curb that.
	- Idea: Bins at each bench, where you could put something that was found on the bench to get it out of the way
	- There's a bin from the organization effort from the past weekend of stuff that is queued to be tossed
	- We need a "filter" for donations
		- Mike and Tracy have done this for museams in the past.
		- He can help with that
	- Bins at benches, policy for handling that.
	- PSA: If you are entitled to storage (locker, cart), claim it
- Mike wants have a floor layout meeting
	- He can drive that
- Matt: Can he make a kit to sell?
	- Couple of questions here
		- Some answered at the mission workshop
		- We're still a fablab, for whatever that means
- Mike: Clean up after yourselves, please
- logo contest
	- February's meeting we'll (possibly) vote
	- Mission workshop might drive this
	- Mailing list topic
- Dave: Gadget Emporium open for business
	- Any objections with him posting to the list
	- Everyone ok with that
	- Should he shunt funds to the space or just sell cheaply?
		- Sell cheaply
- Dave: Lasersaur
	- Any objection to him starting a build here? nope.jpg
9:52P	- Meeting adjourned 
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