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* Printed circuit board (FR4 and other material types)
* Printed circuit board (FR4 and other material types)
* Carbon fiber
* Carbon fiber

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We have a Full Spectrum Engineering 40W Co2 Laser Cutter

Tetsu worked hard and started a Kickstarter project to get us a laser cutter for about $2000. We successfully promoted it enough to get people to generously donate to our cause, and now we have one!


Our Model

Things we can and cannot cut using the laser

Things we can cut:

Things we CANNOT/DO NOT cut:


Laser Cutter Settings

The laser cutter has two settings that are mainly used: Power and Speed. These are determined by the type and thickness of material and the type and thickness of the desired cut. This is a table of suggestions based on what lab members have found by trial and error; so they may or may not work for you. If you have something new, go with what's most like what you're trying to cut and experiment from there.

There are a few things to remember when using the laser cutter:

Laser Settings Chart

Material Thickness Power Speed Note
Extruded Acrylic 3mm 10mA 30% This is a test, change this to actual settings.

Handy Links

Modification Suggestions

Our FullSpectrum 40W is far from perfect. Add your suggested improvements to the laser cutter on this list.


Links to items cut on the FamiLAB Laser (post your stuff here!)

Acrylic Sensing Platform Hub Case

Acrylic MaceTech RGB LED Satellite brackets

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