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Space mack changes.jpg

Thanks to Mack for creating the graphic and starting this, I'm just building off his ideas, but didnt want to edit his page :)

We need to get a real space planning session going...hopefully with a professional...

Some good pics from techshop (not saying we should be techshop, just good ideas on workbenches, part storage in a shared space...) - http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2007/09/techshop-geek-h.html#axzz1fwhSpVT4


1 Social Working / Meeting / Group Therapy Area

2 Lounge

3 Bathroom

4 Tiny office

5 Classroom

6 Kitchenette

7 Bay Area

8 Quadcopter Arena

9 Power Panel

10 Tiny Closet

Loft Area

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