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Famicam v2


  • 4x color security cameras (Thantik)
  • 4x 12v DC wall warts
  • 4x BNC to RCA adapters (Bill)
  • 8x BNC compression connectors (Bill)
  • Coaxial cable (Ian)
  • 4 port networked video device (Brian)
  • Sony IPELA PTZ Cam

Needed Components

  • 3x BNC to RCA adapters (Bill)
  • 4x BNC compression connectors (Bill)
  • Cable mounting hardware to pin up BNC in warehouse

Needed Tools

  • BNC compression tool
  • Scissor lift or ladder to mount warehouse cameras

Proposed Camera Locations

  • 1x security camera in warehouse
  • 1x security camera in classroom
  • 1x security camera in reception area
  • 1x security camera covering parking area
  • 1x PTZ in the middle of the warehouse