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Put a link to your image here as well as source files, a statement of explanation and all other materials you feel are suitable for display.

Here's my 2 cents: Da3v's crappy drawing The thinking behind it: Sadly, I lack Cope's skilz/genius with the tools that I help make, and since JBC already has his own logo that I kinda like, it would be weird to ask for his help on this thing. That said, imagine if you will: Outer perimeter 1/3 circular saw blade teeth, 1/3 gear teeth, 1/3 volume knob pointer with tic marks and an "11". The interior is a transistor symbol with the base replaced by a variation on the "caution laser" symbol and the collector replaced by a rake lockpick. The number of teeth would need to decrease significantly for this to lasercut/screenprint well, maybe 3-4 of each?

Design guideline requests (not rules)

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