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Documentation Projects

A big part of many things we do at the lab is documentation. We need documents on how to work the laser cutter, how to assemble a CNC, or even something as simple as how to play a game someone developed. The problem is, many development teams simply do not have the time to document things, or we have a special use case that needs to be properly documented. There may be very basic docs on how to assemble a machine that skims over quite a bit in order to get through a lot in a short period of time, or there may a case where a manufacturer never thought we would be using a device how we are, rendering their instructions less than useful. At this point, we need to write our own docs.

What follows are projects we are thinking of undertaking, or are currently in progress by lab members. This page will help organize what we're working on, when we're working on it, and what we're doing.




This is a complicated document. Most RepRap documentation is widely scattered through blogs, forums, wikis and chats, and there is no one place to get everything you need. The problem with many people developing hardware and software for the RepRap is that there are also many people writing (or not writing), documentation for what they are building.

We are going to attempt to build a basic how-to for using a built RepRap. It will use Digitalman2112's or Chorca's RepRap, and will contain all the info someone will need to use it safely and properly.




Laser Cutter


This project will be a complete how-to on using our Laser Cutter. It will have documents on the following:

  • How to design in Inkscape and set up files for laser cutting/engraving
  • How to use feedstock, types, and settings
  • How to be safe when using the laser
  • How to operate the laser itself
  • What to do when there are problems



(Where are you at on the project?)