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Bench power supplies are boxes that you plug into the wall, and provide an adjustable range of DC voltage on their output terminals. They usually have some knobs and a meter of some sort on them to help dial in the correct voltage. Some also have current limiting to help when troubleshooting or testing a new project. (Keeping the current limited to just above what the device needs can help prevent shorts from damaging components)

We have several bench supplies at the lab, from very small to very large! Any of them should be able to provide the power you need, but if you have certain voltage or current requirements, make sure the supply can handle that! All of the supplies have their ratings clearly printed on them.

Models of supplies at the lab

Small Grey Power Supplies

Small grey power supply

Grey Digital Power Supply

Grey digital power supply

BK Precision

BK Precision power supply

Motorola Bench Supply

The big one.

(AKA 'The Big One')

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